Flight Simulator SimPit Update #3

Posted on Updated on

I’ve been trying to find a way to get a second screen on my pit for a while now. I was at home depot yesterday and they had a tablet mount for $20 so I bought it. The mount that they had was not going to work for me but I figured out a way to change out the arm for something that would work on my pit. It works really nice. There are lots of good apps for the iPad but not so many for android. Right now I’m using fsMoveMap which is ok but there are a bunch of features that I want that it does not have. I think I’ll work on building my own moving map app for android over the next few days. I want something that will fit aesthetically with my pit 🙂

Here’s a video and a pic of it all working 🙂 very happy with how it worked out.


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