Preparing first update for Beta testers

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I’m working really hard to get the first update out to my beta testers. Hopefully I’ll have that done Wed or Thurs this week. The first update includes the following changes:

  1. Updated graphics for the Airspeed Indicators. Also modified the GA indicator to be in 20 knot increments instead of 25 based off feedback from my testers. 
  2. Added a track options when in NAV or GPS mode. This allows you to toggle between the current heading up display and a north up display. 
  3. Improvements to the adhoc waypoint system. Now when you get within 1 nautical mile of an adhoc waypoint flightmap will automatically advance to the next waypoint like the GPS mode does. 
  4. non-active waypoints will have a gray line in adhoc mode and active waypoint will be blue as it is now.
  5. Adding waypoint information for GPS and NAV display. The GPS mode will have more information than the NAV mode does. NAV will show distance to next waypoint. GPS mode will show magnetic bearing to waypoint, distance to waypoint, altitude of waypoint, and ETE for next waypoint. 

This is a pretty significant update and I can’t wait to get it into my testers hands. If all goes well this update will be released next week for those that have purchased.

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