Month: April 2013

FlightMap™ launched on Google Play

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Well, I think I’ve done everything I need to to launch the software. I’m just waiting for Google Play to show the app in the market. I’ll let everyone know once it’s showing up. I do not know how long that takes. FlightConnect has been released and it’s now available here:

Here’s some screenshots of the released version.

Screenshot_2013-04-14-15-06-43 Screenshot_2013-04-14-15-13-59


Release Very Soon!!!

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I’ll be releasing the software this weekend. The Release Candidate testing has all gone well and I’m frantically trying to get the website and support materials completed. Life has gotten in the way of progress the last 2 days but I’ll be working on it tonight and hopefully have everything released soon. Here’s a few screen shots from one of the newer versions. The Release Candidate has a few updated graphics.

Image Image Image Image

FlightMap Release Candidate Released to Testers

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Tonight I’ve released the first non-beta build to testers. If all goes well over the next few days I hope to release the software to the play store on Wed. I’ve made a ton of performance improvements over the weekend as well as updated some graphics for the app. It’s really looking solid to me right now. I’m waiting to hear from my testers now. Exciting times 🙂

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FlightMap Beta #3 Released to testers

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Just a quick note that the latest beta build has been sent to testers. I’m now working on getting all of the things in place to release the software. Things like the website, download locations for the server, help documentation, stuff like that. Release should be soon. 

FlightMap – Update #3

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Here’s the latest FlightMap beta update. I’ve added so many new features I decided to do a new video instead of screenshots this time. Some of the new features include:

Gps integration,
new ad hoc routing,
updated ui,
overlays on map,
vertical speed indicator,
new launch ui, and many more.

Work is going on to move this towards release. It should be soon. I’m looking at pricing it around $2.99 I think.