FlightMap Version 1.6 Released to the Play Store

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New features in version 1.6:

  1. Added TRK feature to NAV and GPS modes. This toggles the map display to north up or heading up.
  2. Updated flight plan display in NAV and PLN modes. Active waypoint will be in blue and inactive waypoinys in gray
  3. Added automatic switch to next waypoint in NAV mode when within 1 NM of the waypoint
  4. Added distance to waypoint display to NAV mode
  5. Updated GA Airspeed Indicator to be calibrated in 20 knot increments instead of 25. 
  6. Updated Airspeed Indicator and Altitude indicator graphics
  7. Added next waypoint display info including ETE, Distance, Altitude, CTS, and DTK to GPS mode

This version requires an update to version 1.6 of FlightConnect. If you do not have the latest version you will be prompted to upgrade when you go to connect.

Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-48-14 Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-49-35 Screenshot_2013-04-25-00-28-27 Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-47-15 Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-45-52


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