FlightMap Version 1.7 Feature Video

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I’ve just completed a feature demonstration video of the latest version of FlightMap. The video is about 9 minutes long and shows how to use each feature of the application and what each button does. I do hope to complete the documentation soon but until then this video is the best documentation there is.


3 thoughts on “FlightMap Version 1.7 Feature Video

    Jeff Schallenberg said:
    May 24, 2013 at 11:47 am

    Hoping for a 7-inch version soon!

      vineripesoftware responded:
      May 24, 2013 at 12:18 pm

      7 inch tablet support is a very popular request. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Nexus 7 soon so I can begin development.

      vineripesoftware responded:
      August 11, 2013 at 1:26 pm

      7 inch tablet support is now released and available on the Play Store. 1 application now supports 7 and 10 inch tablets.

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