Features for the next release

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I’m starting to nail down the features that will be in the next release. At this point these are known for sure:

  • Prepare3d support in FlightConnect. This will support all features of FlightMap
  • Added ETA to the adhoc flightplan mode
  • Display of the full GPS flightplan from FSX and P3D when the flightplan is loaded while FlightConnect is running.
  • Simplifications to the launch page

Things I’m working on that may not make it. We’ll see if I can get the performance level to where I need it to be:

  • VOR/NDB’s overlaid on the map
  • All airports FSX knows about in the current region overlaid on the map. This will replace the current airport database.

I have started work on the 7 inch tablet version but I do not yet have hardware in my hand to test against. Rumors are now suggesting a July release of the new Nexus 7 so I’ll be holding off on purchasing one until then. Hopefully by the time I have the hardware in hand I’ll have most of the layout, design, and feature set nailed down. Right now it’s looking like it’ll be such a departure from the 10 inch version that I’ll be doing a separate app. I’ll likely call it “FlightMap 7” and sell it for a dollar less. I may re-brand the current FlightMap to “FlightMap HD”

I hope to have some screenshots of the new features of FlightMap 1.8 soon.

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