Walkera W100S Quadcopter Review

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IMAG0162 IMAG0168

I just picked up a new quadcopter for Father’s Day. This one has first person video capabilities through wifi to an iOS device. It’s hard to believe you can pick these up for only $120 now from HeliDirect. I remember my first heli’s costing hundreds of dollars and most of them flew horribly.

It turns out I really didn’t need the transmitter since I can fly the quad very well with my ipod touch. It takes a little getting used to not having the feedback of a transmitter but it does work very well. The transmitter is a lot more twitchy and accurate but that may just be settings on the ipod app.

I’m not really able to fly it in full first person view yet. It could be that I just need a lot of practice to do so but it seems the camera resolution and update speed are just not fast enough for me to be able to stay oriented. It is great if you are trying to film something in particular you can check the view to make sure you’re getting a good shot of it. Maybe with some practice I’ll be able to fly in first person view mode.

The video quality is actually quite a bit better than I was expecting. I had a G-maxtec 860 Quadcopter with camera before this and compared to that camera the quality is amazing. I paid the same amount for the g-maxtec as I did for this one and don’t forget the fact that this one is also FPV .

Overall I love the way this quad looks and the removable pods is a neat feature. I just wish the packaging allowed you to put away the quad with the pods on. For newbies to quads it would be good if the pods had corresponding letters to make it easier to figure out which goes where. It is kinda odd that they have letters on the body but not the pods.

IMAG0163 IMAG0166

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