Month: September 2013

I think I found a way to add gauges to 7 inch tablets running FlightMap

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A big feature request for FlightMap is to support the flight gauges on 7 inch tablets. It became clear early on that there is just not enough screen available to have it look like the 10 inch version of FlightMap so I targeted the first release to be the main navigation features of the app. I under estimated how much people liked the gauges. With that in mind I’ve come up with the following option that I think works pretty well.


Now at first glance it doesn’t look like much but if you look right at the top of the screen there is a grabber bar. Swipe down from the top of the screen and you get the gauges like so


A swipe back up will close the gauges. This is not the final look. I’m still working on it and this is very preliminary but I think it is looking pretty good.

I am also working on refactoring how all of the tablet sizes are laid out to be far more resilient to things like tablets that don’t have the software buttons and things like that. The gauges for 7 inch tablets will likely be the big feature update for this next release.

Wow are there a lot of Android tablets out there

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I didn’t know this but there are Android tablets out there using similar screens and resolutions to the Retina iPad. Archos is one manufacturer and quite a few Chinese companies are also making tablets in this size. I had to fix the layout for a customer using this tablet in FlightMap and there was so much space available I had to add another gauge to the screen to eat up the space. I think it looks pretty good but man are there a lot of tablet resolutions out there.


FlightMap: Help with Translations

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I’m looking for some help translating the application. I’m looking for help to translate into Russian, German, and other languages. There is a small amount of text in the application so it should only take a few minutes to help out. Unfortunatly google translate is of no use with the app. If you know one of these languages and have a few minutes please fill out this form. Thanks so much

FlightMap 2.5 Released

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Version 2.5 includes the following updates

  • Added aircraft altitude, direction, and airspeed overlay for layouts that don’t have the visual gauges
  • Updates to the server discovery code so that it is more reliable.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes


In the Nexus 7 screenshot above there is now an overlay for current aircraft flight information. I am still working to figure out a way to add the gauges to the screen but there is not a lot of room. The main functionality of FlightMap is the navigation aspects so I don’t want to dumb down that feature for some eye candy.


The 10 inch version has had a few improvements for performance as well. The direction indicator has been updated so that it matches well with the other gauges. There has been more improvements to the automatic server detection as well.

FlightMap 2.5 is now released to the play store and should be available on all tablets in the next 24 hours.

FlightMap Beta and FlightGauge Alpha release to beta testers

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I’ve been making some progress on my new app FlightGauge . I’ve got it running along side FlightMap thru FlightConnect. All of the gauges are running very smoothly and I’m in the process of figuring out what else will go in the app on the right. I do also plan to offer some customization of the gauges.  

The new beta of FlightMap offers a new map overlay for 7 inch tablets that includes the indicated altitude, magnetic direction, and indicated speed. I know it’s not the gauges on the 7 inch version but at least now the information is available. 

I’m also still trying to nail down the UI for FlightGauge. I’m working hard on the 7 inch tablet versions right now and will figure out what to do with the 10 inch tablets as there is a ton more space even after the gauges are scaled up. It’s looking pretty good tho and I’m quite happy with it. Here’s the latest screen grab of the 7 inch version.