FlightMap Beta and FlightGauge Alpha release to beta testers

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I’ve been making some progress on my new app FlightGauge . I’ve got it running along side FlightMap thru FlightConnect. All of the gauges are running very smoothly and I’m in the process of figuring out what else will go in the app on the right. I do also plan to offer some customization of the gauges.  

The new beta of FlightMap offers a new map overlay for 7 inch tablets that includes the indicated altitude, magnetic direction, and indicated speed. I know it’s not the gauges on the 7 inch version but at least now the information is available. 

I’m also still trying to nail down the UI for FlightGauge. I’m working hard on the 7 inch tablet versions right now and will figure out what to do with the 10 inch tablets as there is a ton more space even after the gauges are scaled up. It’s looking pretty good tho and I’m quite happy with it. Here’s the latest screen grab of the 7 inch version.



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