FlightMap Beta Update

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I’m still working on finalizing the new Gauge drop down. My beta testers don’t like how much space it eats up when it is down so I’ve been playing with different ideas to resolve it like sliding the map down, using transparencies, tilting the map, etc. None of the changes worked very well due to such a small amount of area for the map view when the gauges are visible. Below is a screen grab of how it currently looks. One of my beta testers has a really good idea that I’m going to try tho. Will see how that works out. Over all the beta tests are going really well and as soon as I work out the design for the gauge drop down I should be releasing the update.


The next release is a huge release from a bug fix and device support standpoint. I have completely rewritten all of the networking code from the launch page. I finally have it a way that I like and it should be much more user friendly. It should also resolve some of the confusion that some of the dialogs have caused.

The biggest change to the app though has to do with screen layouts. I have completely redone from scratch every single screen layout that FlightMap supports. This was a huge undertaking and is taking a while to test but this change will make FlightMap far more resilient to custom roms and different device hardware. It really is amazing how many configurations there are out there for android tablets. This change should also make it much easier for me to add support for more unique tablets should they come up. Instead of being unusable now they should be mostly usable with minor layout issues.


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