FlightMap 2.6.1 Released to the Play Store

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There were some reports of FlightMap crashing if the “gps” button was selected when FlightConnect does not have the complete flight plan from the simulator. This can happen if FlightConnect is not running when the flight plan is loaded. This issue is now fixed. If users want to see the full flight plan mapped in FlightMap, FlightConnect must be running when it is loaded. FlightConnect is written to function as a service so it can remain running at all times. It uses very little memory.

I had already started work on new features when this issue came up. Because of that a new feature did get released with this update. FlightMap now no longer requires the user to select between GA or regular Air Speed Indicators. FlightMap will automatically select the best indicator based on the aircraft that is loaded in the simulator. Because of this I have added a number of new air speed gauges. These include 100, 200, 360, 450, 540, and 900 knot variants. FlightMap will select the best one so the selection on the launch screen has been removed.

FlightMap is available for purchase on the Android Play Store here:
Get FlightMap on Google Play

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