FlightGauge for 7 inch tablets released to testers

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I have finished up the final 2 gauges and updated all of the 7 inch layouts to support them. The gauges are working really well and the animations are proving to be very smooth. I’ve pushed this version to my testers and I am beginning on the design work for the 10 inch tablets. Due to the amount of space available I may separate the gauges into individual ones. That’s what I’m thinking right now at least 🙂

I’m really excited about this app. It’s coming along really well and I can’t wait to release it. Getting close now.

The first version of FlightGauge is designed for single and dual engine GA aircraft and supports the following indicators:
– Automatic Airspeed Indicator Selection for: 100, 200, 360, 450, 540, 900 knots
– Artificial Horizon Indicator
– Altitude Indicator
– Turn and Bank Indicator
– Heading Indicator
– Vertical speed Indicator
– Left/Right Fuel Indicators
– Manifold Pressure Indicator
– Fuel Flow Indicator
– Oil Temperature Indicator
– Oil Pressure Indicator
– Suction Pressure Indicator
– Electrical Amp Indicator
– Prop RPM Indicator

I have not determined what the price will be for FlightGauge but, like FlightMap, I will be releasing a free 5 minute trial version.

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