FlightMap Update

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46882e20-6818-418f-a0b4-678be04080bf Screenshot_2014-01-18-22-43-23_framed

Happy New Year. The next version of FlightMap is starting to take shape and I think you all are going to really love some of these features.

Based off the poll, a few posts down, local airport and VOR/NDB overlay support was high on the list. I have started implementation of this feature and it is coming along nicely. As you can see in the screenshots above I’m now pulling the airports in about a 200 mile radius of the aircraft. For this feature the APT button has been changed to a cycle button and it will cycle through the following options: Overlay OFF -> World Airports -> Local Airports -> NDB -> VOR.

I have also made some improvements to the direction indicator. It now has the autopilot heading bug and some graphics for the air speed indicator have been improved. This next version is focusing on the overlays and then once that is done and released I’ll start work on the full GPS waypoint list.

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