FlightConnect 2.7 Released

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In preparation for the FlightMap 2.7 release I have updated FlightConnect and it is available for download today. This version changes how FlightMap retrieves the Airports, VOR’s, and NDB’s. This version also decreases significantly the amount of network traffic between FlightConnect and FlightMap/FlightGauge.

Other changes include a new settings dialog that allows you to choose which ip address FlightConnect uses. This option is mainly for users that have multiple network interfaces on their computer. Finally this version also adds an option to turn logging on and off. It is off by default.

I have also released what I think will be the final beta version of FlightMap to my testers. I ran into an issue with a really old FSX bug that has made retrieving data about the airports/ndbs/vors unreliable. I’ve done the best I can to work around it but it is certainly not ideal. If testing all goes well FlightMap 2.7 should be released very soon.

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