FlightMap 2.7 for Android Released

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Vine Ripe Software is pleased to announce the release of FlightMap 2.7 to the Google Play Store. This version includes many new features requested by users including regional airports, NDB’s, VOR’s, any many more. FlightMap is a second screen navigation utility for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D). Use FlightMap to plot your simulated location and flight plans on Google Maps in real time.


FlightMap is available for purchase on the Android Play Store here:
Get FlightMap on Google Play

Here is the full change log:

* Changed: MAP selection button changed to a popup menu for easier selection
* Changed: APT selection button changed to DATA. It’s now a popup menu with more options
* New: DATA – Airports, VOR’s, or NDB’s within ~200 miles of aircraft via DATA menu.
* New: Airport markers now display ICAO
* New: In NAV or PLAN mode press VOR or NDB for info dialog, tap dialog to add station to adhoc flight plan.
* New: The overlay aircraft now scales with the zoom level
* New: Support for automatic switching of landscape orientations. Flip the tablet over…
* Updated: ASI – Updated graphics and added 240 and 280 knot options
* Updated: Direction Indicator – New graphics and added AP Heading bug
* Updated: 7 new overlay aircraft for total of 35
* Improved: Auto Zoom has more steps.
* Improved: More than doubled the hit area of the bottom buttons on 7 and 8 inch tablets

FM_10_1 FM_10_3

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