FlightConnect Open Sourced

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FlightConnect for FSX has been released to GitHub under the Apache license. This is the first step in releasing the rest of the code. You can find the source code on my github repo here:


FlightConnect 2.8.3 Released

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FlightConnect, the application used by FlightMap and FlightGauge to talk to FSX and P3D, has been updated. This update includes support for FS9 flight plans. Third party flight plan software tends to output in the older format so FlightConnect can now utilize them. This version also better handles the situation where SimConnect is not properly installed for FSX. Users will get an error dialog on application startup letting them know that FlightConnect cannot talk to FSX.

Troubleshooting FlightConnect with FSX

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For the new STEAM version of FSX:

I’ve had a few support cases from new users of the Steam version of FSX. The issue is with FlightConnect crashing on launch. It looks like sometimes the SimConnect library is not installed properly when the rest of FSX is installed thru Steam. This can be easily fixed by manually installing SimConnect from the installation directory of FSX. In my case it exists here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces\FSX-XPACK\SimConnect.msi
Once that is successfully installed FlightConnect for FSX should function.

 For older FSX versions:

FlightConnect requires SP2 of FSX to function. If that version of FSX is not installed then the application will prompt you to install it and then exit. To resolve the issue follow the instructions below:

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Announcing FlightConnect support for the new STEAM version of Flight Simulator X

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Today, Dovetail games announced the availability of a new Steam Powered version of Flight Simulator X. Vine Ripe Software is pleased to announce that FlightConnect, the application that FlightMap and FlightGauge rely on for simulator data, fully supports the Steam version of FSX right out of the box without any modification or patches.

More information on the Steam version of FSX can be found here (plus it’s on sale right now)


FlightConnect 2.7 Released

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In preparation for the FlightMap 2.7 release I have updated FlightConnect and it is available for download today. This version changes how FlightMap retrieves the Airports, VOR’s, and NDB’s. This version also decreases significantly the amount of network traffic between FlightConnect and FlightMap/FlightGauge.

Other changes include a new settings dialog that allows you to choose which ip address FlightConnect uses. This option is mainly for users that have multiple network interfaces on their computer. Finally this version also adds an option to turn logging on and off. It is off by default.

I have also released what I think will be the final beta version of FlightMap to my testers. I ran into an issue with a really old FSX bug that has made retrieving data about the airports/ndbs/vors unreliable. I’ve done the best I can to work around it but it is certainly not ideal. If testing all goes well FlightMap 2.7 should be released very soon.

Announcing FlightMap support for Prepar3D

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FlightMap has been functioning with Microsoft Flight Simulator X for quite some time now and I’ve recently expanded support to include Lockheed Martin’s simulator called Prepar3D. All FlightMap features are supported with Prepar3D through a new version of FlightConnect.

If you already have FlightMap installed on your tablet and you want Prepar3D support head on over to the FlightConnect page and download the Prepar3D version of FlightConnect to get started. More information is available on the download page.

FlightConnect Installation and Usage video released

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I was in the process of building a bunch of documentation for FlightConnect when I realized a quick video would say everything I wanted much faster. I’ve created the video and it’s now available here. In less than 2 minutes you’ll learn everything there is to know about FlightConnect 🙂