FlightMap Update

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Happy New Year. The next version of FlightMap is starting to take shape and I think you all are going to really love some of these features.

Based off the poll, a few posts down, local airport and VOR/NDB overlay support was high on the list. I have started implementation of this feature and it is coming along nicely. As you can see in the screenshots above I’m now pulling the airports in about a 200 mile radius of the aircraft. For this feature the APT button has been changed to a cycle button and it will cycle through the following options: Overlay OFF -> World Airports -> Local Airports -> NDB -> VOR.

I have also made some improvements to the direction indicator. It now has the autopilot heading bug and some graphics for the air speed indicator have been improved. This next version is focusing on the overlays and then once that is done and released I’ll start work on the full GPS waypoint list.

FlightGauge Update

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I’ve been making some good progress towards release of this software. The main work lately has been refining the graphics to make them sharper on higher res screens. I’ve continue to work on the 10 inch screen layout and hope to have that version off to beta testers by next week.

I’ve added some new graphics for a few of the indicators. The direction indicator has a new visual option seen in the screenshot above. I’ve also cleaned up the altitude and vertical speed indicators. I was not happy with how blurry they were. I’ve been playing around with a dynamic caution overlay on the airspeed indicator. I think it looks pretty nice and works well with the various speeds. All of the gauge work will be usable in FlightMap as well so it will get the benefit of the updated gauges.

I’ve made a change to the way FlightMap gets rotation data which has really smoothed out the map rotation when not in track mode. It’s really smooth now. The next release of FlightMap will be all about refinement of what is currently there while I overhaul FlightConnect to prepare for the next big wave of features.

I’m interested to know what features you are interested in

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As I begin planning for the next few releases of FlightMap I’m interested to see what my users would like focused on. I’ve added a poll below with the most requested features that I’ve seen on forums and emails to me. If there is something you really want that is not in the list please feel free to write it in. Most of these features are significant work so this will help me prioritize my development.

FlightMap 2.6 Nearing Release

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The final beta is about to go out to my test team. This is a really big update so here’s what has changed:

  1. Gauges are now available for 7 inch tablets via a sliding window at the top of the screen
    Screenshot_2013-10-13-14-50-17_framedScreenshot_2013-10-13-14-30-33_framedScreenshot_2013-10-04-10-55-27_framed (1)
  2. All new graphics and layouts for all supported screens with improved display on most devices
  3. Added support for 9.7 inch Android tablets with iPad Retina resolution.
  4. Better support for approach vectors when enabled in FSX or Prepar3d
  5. Added 10 more aircraft selections
  6. Simplified and improved the initial communication with FlightConnect on start
  7. Various performance enhancements and improved airport loading


I think I found a way to add gauges to 7 inch tablets running FlightMap

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A big feature request for FlightMap is to support the flight gauges on 7 inch tablets. It became clear early on that there is just not enough screen available to have it look like the 10 inch version of FlightMap so I targeted the first release to be the main navigation features of the app. I under estimated how much people liked the gauges. With that in mind I’ve come up with the following option that I think works pretty well.


Now at first glance it doesn’t look like much but if you look right at the top of the screen there is a grabber bar. Swipe down from the top of the screen and you get the gauges like so


A swipe back up will close the gauges. This is not the final look. I’m still working on it and this is very preliminary but I think it is looking pretty good.

I am also working on refactoring how all of the tablet sizes are laid out to be far more resilient to things like tablets that don’t have the software buttons and things like that. The gauges for 7 inch tablets will likely be the big feature update for this next release.

Wow are there a lot of Android tablets out there

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I didn’t know this but there are Android tablets out there using similar screens and resolutions to the Retina iPad. Archos is one manufacturer and quite a few Chinese companies are also making tablets in this size. I had to fix the layout for a customer using this tablet in FlightMap and there was so much space available I had to add another gauge to the screen to eat up the space. I think it looks pretty good but man are there a lot of tablet resolutions out there.


FlightMap: Help with Translations

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I’m looking for some help translating the application. I’m looking for help to translate into Russian, German, and other languages. There is a small amount of text in the application so it should only take a few minutes to help out. Unfortunatly google translate is of no use with the app. If you know one of these languages and have a few minutes please fill out this form. Thanks so much

FlightMap 2.4 and FlightGauge

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I’m finalizing FlightMap 2.4 right now. The following are the main features for this version:

  1. I’ve completely rewritten the launch networking code to try and make the app more resilient. It will now detect the server ip address change for instance and when you try to connect to the selected ip and the server is not there it will offer up the discovered address as an option.
  2. I’ve also added the version number of the application to the main display.
  3. I had a couple of people offer to do translations for Spanish and French so those will be in the next version as well. Thank you so much to Jeff and Bernardo for helping out with those.
  4. This version also fixes an alignment issue with the bottom button bar on Nook HD’s.
  5. Finally this version updates the graphics on the direction indicator to be more readable in preparation for FlightGauge.

I’ve made some progress on FlightGauge since the last update. I’m still not happy with the look of the ui but it is getting better. Most of the gauges are functional at this point and are working very smoothly. I do need to work out multiple client support in FlightConnect before I release this new app. I’m thinking I’ll put electrical and fuel gauges on the right side. There will be quite a bit more space on the 10 inch tablet version so I’ve not yet decided what I’ll be doing there. The app will launch with 7 and 10 inch tablet support.


FlightMap 7 inch tablet support update

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Turns out there are a few different aspect ratios for 7 inch tablets. Picked up an Asus memopad to verify support. It’s got the worst screen I have ever seen on a tablet but it was cheap.

Things are coming along very nicely.