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Latest SimPit Update – Finally finished painting it :)

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Here is the latest update on my SimPit. FlightMap works really well aesthetically with it which was always the goal.


I’ve got it setup now so that it’s really easy to swap in and out the flight stick for the flight yoke. I can even do it while I’m flying.



Flight Simulator SimPit Update #3

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I’ve been trying to find a way to get a second screen on my pit for a while now. I was at home depot yesterday and they had a tablet mount for $20 so I bought it. The mount that they had was not going to work for me but I figured out a way to change out the arm for something that would work on my pit. It works really nice. There are lots of good apps for the iPad but not so many for android. Right now I’m using fsMoveMap which is ok but there are a bunch of features that I want that it does not have. I think I’ll work on building my own moving map app for android over the next few days. I want something that will fit aesthetically with my pit 🙂

Here’s a video and a pic of it all working 🙂 very happy with how it worked out.


Flight Simulator SimPit Update #2

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The biggest change to the SimPit is an upgrade to a 40 inch screen :). The wife didn’t think it would be possible but it is HAHA. It really makes such a huge difference. I’ve also done a quick video of how it all works with Flight Simulator. I’m really pleased with how this all came out. I still need to paint the mounts for the stick and throttle black. It’s always that last 1% that takes forever to get done 🙂

full-31849-51244-camerazoom_20130209124235126 full-31849-51243-camerazoom_20130209124216446

Flight Simulator SimPit Update #1

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I’ve now painted the pit and I think it looks really good. I’ve tested the ability to take it down like the wife asked and it comes apart in less than 15 minutes and is only a few parts so yay me 🙂

I have also made a few modifications. I’ve bought a Saitek flight stick and throttle for jet sims and needed to have the ability to convert from GA to flight stick. Ended up coming up with this option. It works really well but I have the huge gap where the flight yoke goes that I need to fill somehow. Still trying to figure that out.

full-31849-38772-p1000712_small full-31849-38773-p1000713_small

full-31849-38774-p1000714_small full-31849-38775-p1000715_small

full-31849-38776-p1000716_small full-31849-38777-p1000717_small

I did have to move the cup holder though 😦 Not as nice a location…



Flight Simulator SimPit

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About 3 weeks ago I got the bright idea that I would build my first sim cockpit and after showing my wife drawings (on napkins) and pleading with her she finally let me start it on fathers day weekend 🙂

The wife had a few requirements.
1. it be as small as possible
2. able to be torn down quickly
3. I only had fathers day weekend to build it

I decided on a simple setup. Two 30 inch deep, 27 inch tall, and 4 1/2 inch wide side walls with the cockpit panel sitting on top at 38 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 15 inches deep. Trying to keep it modular I made the monitor mount 6 inches deep and the panel 9 inches deep but I should have built it as a single unit and when I redo it I will make it a single unit.


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