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FlightMap Beta and FlightGauge Alpha release to beta testers

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I’ve been making some progress on my new app FlightGauge . I’ve got it running along side FlightMap thru FlightConnect. All of the gauges are running very smoothly and I’m in the process of figuring out what else will go in the app on the right. I do also plan to offer some customization of the gauges.  

The new beta of FlightMap offers a new map overlay for 7 inch tablets that includes the indicated altitude, magnetic direction, and indicated speed. I know it’s not the gauges on the 7 inch version but at least now the information is available. 

I’m also still trying to nail down the UI for FlightGauge. I’m working hard on the 7 inch tablet versions right now and will figure out what to do with the 10 inch tablets as there is a ton more space even after the gauges are scaled up. It’s looking pretty good tho and I’m quite happy with it. Here’s the latest screen grab of the 7 inch version.



FlightMap 2.4 and FlightGauge

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I’m finalizing FlightMap 2.4 right now. The following are the main features for this version:

  1. I’ve completely rewritten the launch networking code to try and make the app more resilient. It will now detect the server ip address change for instance and when you try to connect to the selected ip and the server is not there it will offer up the discovered address as an option.
  2. I’ve also added the version number of the application to the main display.
  3. I had a couple of people offer to do translations for Spanish and French so those will be in the next version as well. Thank you so much to Jeff and Bernardo for helping out with those.
  4. This version also fixes an alignment issue with the bottom button bar on Nook HD’s.
  5. Finally this version updates the graphics on the direction indicator to be more readable in preparation for FlightGauge.

I’ve made some progress on FlightGauge since the last update. I’m still not happy with the look of the ui but it is getting better. Most of the gauges are functional at this point and are working very smoothly. I do need to work out multiple client support in FlightConnect before I release this new app. I’m thinking I’ll put electrical and fuel gauges on the right side. There will be quite a bit more space on the 10 inch tablet version so I’ve not yet decided what I’ll be doing there. The app will launch with 7 and 10 inch tablet support.


New App Idea: FlightGauges

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I have been thinking about this app for a while and I have been working on it on and off for a few weeks. I think it’s starting to come together for me. This time I’m starting with the 7 inch tablets and then will scale everything up to the 10 inch tablets.


FlightGauges is going to be an app that’s main goal is to displays the core 6 gauges. Airspeed, Attitude, Altitude, Turn Coordinator, Direction, and Vertical Speed. I’ll also throw in some other gauges for the engine and stuff to fill up some space. I already have the gas gauges so might as well use those as well. We’ll see what makes the most sense. The main goal is to get those 6 gauges complete.

The app is functional at this point. I’ve only just started testing out layout ideas so nothing is anywhere near final. Expect it to change a lot before release.

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