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FlightMap: Help with Translations

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I’m looking for some help translating the application. I’m looking for help to translate into Russian, German, and other languages. There is a small amount of text in the application so it should only take a few minutes to help out. Unfortunatly google translate is of no use with the app. If you know one of these languages and have a few minutes please fill out this form. Thanks so much

Google Nexus 7 (2013) Review

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In my quest to test FlightMap on as many devices as I can I just had to pick up the latest Nexus tablet. My previous 7 inch tablet, an early Archos 7 tablet with Android 2.3, was not a fun form factor to use. The resolution was so bad that browsing the web was painful and Android 2.3 was just not ready for tablets. Due to that experience I thought 7 inch tablets were not for me so I’ve stuck to 10 inch tablets until now. Boy was I wrong.


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FlightMap Version 2.1 Trial now released on Google Play

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The latest trial version update with 7 inch tablet support is not rolling out now. I’m already seeing it on the US Play Store. This is a big update from the previous version. I had not updated the trial version since version 1.7 so this not only includes the 7 inch version but also all of the features of 1.8 and 1.9.

FlightMap 2.1 Trial coming soon

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For those of you waiting to try the application before buying I have some good news. I am in the process of testing the trial version and will hopefully be updating it tonight. The trial has all of the features of FlightMap 2.1 with a 5 minute time limit. Once the time limit is hit all server updates cease. You can get another 5 minutes by backing out of the application and reconnecting to the server.

FlightMap 2.1 has been pushed to the Play Store.

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I have fixed an issue that cropped up on the original Nexus 7 (2012) tablet and likely and tablet that shares that resolution. The follow aircraft would be cut off and off center. This is now fixed and should be available on all tablets within the next 24 hours. Sorry for the issue.

I also updated all of the follow me aircraft sizes to improve display on all devices.

FlightMap Version 2.0 has been released to the Play Store with 7 Inch tablet support

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FlightMap 2.0 Released to the Play Store

FlightMap 2.0 has been released to the Google Play Store with 7 inch tablet support. 7 inch tablet support is by far the most requested feature and I’m excited to release this version.

FlightMap is a second screen GPS style application that works with FSX and Prepar3D to plot your simulated location and flight plans on Google Maps.

The trial version will be updated within the next 2 weeks to the latest version as well. I’m so excited to be releasing this version and I really hope you all love it.


FlightMap 7 inch tablet support update

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Turns out there are a few different aspect ratios for 7 inch tablets. Picked up an Asus memopad to verify support. It’s got the worst screen I have ever seen on a tablet but it was cheap.

Things are coming along very nicely.


FlightMap: First in app screenshots of 7 inch tablet display

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Here are some of the first images of FlightMap running on 7 inch tablets. I’ve been able to implement this all in the same application so 1 app will work for 7 inch tablets and above. It’s working really well but I think the buttons on the bottom are a little to small. I’m going to look at removing one or two of the buttons and that should give me some room to play with to make larger hit areas. Overall thought really nice. To maximize screen I did decide to remove the gauges. I’ll be doing a dedicated application just for the gauges in the next few months

Screenshot_2013-08-02-16-35-09 Screenshot_2013-08-02-16-33-28

FlightMap: 7 inch tablet support started

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Work has begun on the 7 inch tablet support. I have a Nexus 7 in hand and I’ve already reformatted the launch screen to work with it. I hope to have more information in the coming days.


Features for the next release

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I’m starting to nail down the features that will be in the next release. At this point these are known for sure:

  • Prepare3d support in FlightConnect. This will support all features of FlightMap
  • Added ETA to the adhoc flightplan mode
  • Display of the full GPS flightplan from FSX and P3D when the flightplan is loaded while FlightConnect is running.
  • Simplifications to the launch page

Things I’m working on that may not make it. We’ll see if I can get the performance level to where I need it to be:

  • VOR/NDB’s overlaid on the map
  • All airports FSX knows about in the current region overlaid on the map. This will replace the current airport database.

I have started work on the 7 inch tablet version but I do not yet have hardware in my hand to test against. Rumors are now suggesting a July release of the new Nexus 7 so I’ll be holding off on purchasing one until then. Hopefully by the time I have the hardware in hand I’ll have most of the layout, design, and feature set nailed down. Right now it’s looking like it’ll be such a departure from the 10 inch version that I’ll be doing a separate app. I’ll likely call it “FlightMap 7” and sell it for a dollar less. I may re-brand the current FlightMap to “FlightMap HD”

I hope to have some screenshots of the new features of FlightMap 1.8 soon.