FlightConnect 2.7 Released

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In preparation for the FlightMap 2.7 release I have updated FlightConnect and it is available for download today. This version changes how FlightMap retrieves the Airports, VOR’s, and NDB’s. This version also decreases significantly the amount of network traffic between FlightConnect and FlightMap/FlightGauge.

Other changes include a new settings dialog that allows you to choose which ip address FlightConnect uses. This option is mainly for users that have multiple network interfaces on their computer. Finally this version also adds an option to turn logging on and off. It is off by default.

I have also released what I think will be the final beta version of FlightMap to my testers. I ran into an issue with a really old FSX bug that has made retrieving data about the airports/ndbs/vors unreliable. I’ve done the best I can to work around it but it is certainly not ideal. If testing all goes well FlightMap 2.7 should be released very soon.

FlightMap 2.7 Beta Update

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I’ve just posted what will hopefully be the final beta of FlightMap to my beta testers. This version has become a lot bigger than I original planned. Here’s some of the great new features and some of them have been requested for a long time:

  • Changed: APT selection button changed to DATA. It cycles DATA -> World Airports -> Regional Airports -> VOR -> NDB
  • New: Display all airports within ~200 miles of aircraft. Markers also show airport id
  • New: Display VOR or NDB overlay. Press marker to display station frequency and id. Press info dialog to add station to adhoc flight plan.
  • New: The overlay aircraft scales with the zoom level!
  • Updated: Added airport ICAO to world airport markers
  • Updated: ASI – Improved Graphics. Added 240 and 280 knot gauges
  • Updated: Direction Indicator – New graphics. Added AP Heading bug
  • Updated: 7 more overlay aircraft for total of 35
  • Improved: Auto Zoom feature has more steps now.
  • Improved: More than doubled the hit area of the selection buttons on 7 and 8 inch tablets

Here are some screenshots showing off these new features.


FlightGauge Released to the Play Store

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Vine Ripe Software is please to announce the release of our new Android App FlightGauge to the Google Play Store. FlightGauge is a second screen cockpit panel replacement for Flight Simulator aircraft. FlightGauge is designed for Android 4.0+ tablets and works with Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Prepar3D.


FlightGauge is available for purchase on the Android Play Store here:

Get FlightMap on Google Play

A Fully functional 5 minute trial version is also on the Play Store here:

Get FlightMap on Google Play

VOR’s, NDB’s, and Local Airports coming soon to FlightMap

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FlightMap is being updated to support some new adhoc navigation items. The big new items are the NDB and VOR’s within approximately 200 miles of the aircraft. In the screenshot above you will see that the NDB’s are visible and when you press one an information dialog opens and displays the ICAO and Frequency of the NDB. Clicking on the info box will then add the NDB to the current list of Adhoc waypoints.


The screenshot above shows the same thing but for VOR’s. The VOR icon will show the box around it if the VOR also includes a DME and it works the same way with the information box. These displays make it really handy to set Nav and ADF gauges in the aircraft which in turn looks great in the new FlightGauge app 🙂

FlightMap has also been updated to include the new 240 and 280 knot Air Speed indicators. This is a pretty substantial update and I think you all are really going to like it.

Multi-Engine Support for FlightGauge 1.0

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I have had a number of questions about multiple engine support for the first release of FlightGauge. In the first release the application will support one or two engine aircraft. All of the screen shots I have shown to this point show the single engine version. Here are some shots of the multi-engine version. I have also added 2 more Air Speed Indicators. One for 240 knots and one for 280 knots. The application is coming along nicely and soon I will be testing it all out with Prepar3d. If all goes well with that the release is very soon.


FlightGauge 1.0 Released to Beta Testers

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FlightGauge is a cockpit panel replacement for almost any of your Flight Simulator aircraft. FlightGauge works on Android 4.0+ tablets between 7 and 10 inches and is designed to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Prepar3D.


The 10 inch layout has been moved around a bit. I tried to make it look more like a Cessna 172 with the engine/electrical gauges on the bottom left. I then added two new gauges to the display. VOR1 indicator with glide slope and an ADF indicator. The ADF indicator rotates with the heading so you don’t need to manually adjust it.

Screenshot_2014-01-22-14-37-52_framed Screenshot_2014-01-22-14-37-45_framed

For the 7 inch layout I had to add the new gauges in so I added a sliding layer to the display. Slide in or tap on the right side of the screen to show and hide the VOR1 and ADF gauges.

If all goes well FlightGauge may launch this weekend.

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FlightGauge Demonstration Video

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I have just uploaded a video to show off FlightGauge in action. FlightGauge is a cockpit panel replacement for almost any of your Flight Simulator aircraft. FlightGauge works on Android 4.0+ tablets between 7 and 10 inches and is designed to work with Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) and Prepar3D.

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