Month: June 2012

Flight Simulator SimPit

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About 3 weeks ago I got the bright idea that I would build my first sim cockpit and after showing my wife drawings (on napkins) and pleading with her she finally let me start it on fathers day weekend 🙂

The wife had a few requirements.
1. it be as small as possible
2. able to be torn down quickly
3. I only had fathers day weekend to build it

I decided on a simple setup. Two 30 inch deep, 27 inch tall, and 4 1/2 inch wide side walls with the cockpit panel sitting on top at 38 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 15 inches deep. Trying to keep it modular I made the monitor mount 6 inches deep and the panel 9 inches deep but I should have built it as a single unit and when I redo it I will make it a single unit.


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