Month: March 2013

FlightMap – Update #2

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Beta Tests have been going really well. There have been no real issues with the networking code and so far the app has been quite stable for everyone testing. I’ve received a ton of great feedback and I’ve started implementing some of the features. I should be releasing a second beta to the testers in the next day or two. Here’s a quick screenshot to show some of the changes smile


I moved the compass to overlay the map which helps with orientation and added a vertical speed gauge. I added an option for GA Airspeed indicator and added the barber pole to both gauges. Improved the look of them as well. I tied into the FSX GPS system so the app will now track existing flight plans and plot information for current waypoint (i need to add the info display and I’m still trying to figure out the best way to display it). Also redid a lot of my own adhoc flightplan code and that’s working much better now as well.

Working to get this next version completed and out to the beta testers. Getting close to release now 🙂

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FlightMap – Update #1

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I’ve been working to add a ton of new features to the software and also improve the user experience over the past few days. Some of the new features include:

1. Added a database of large airports which you can use as waypoints by clicking on them.
2. You can also toggle airports visible or not.
3. I’ve also changed up the UI a bit to make it easier to add features by going with a more “glass cockpit” like feel.

I’m pretty happy with it at this point and it’s getting pretty solid. I now have 5 beta testers for the software and testing will begin soon.

full-31849-54026-screenshot_2013_03_18_00_29_31 full-31849-54027-screenshot_2013_03_18_00_33_26

FlightMap – Flight Simulator Moving Map

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There are not many GPS/Moving Map apps for Android out there. For that matter there are very few apps devoted to Flight Simulator. It’s been a fun little project with some nice challenges. I could probably go on and on about it but videos and screenshots speak more than words.

I do hope to release it soon. I’m ironing out a few final bugs and I’m working with a graphic artist to finalize the graphics (I’ve done them all so far so it’s not that pretty right now pilot ).

Current Requirements:
Android 4.0+ 10 inch tablet
Windows 8, 7, vista, XP
Flight Simulator X

full-31849-53339-13_2 full-31849-53340-13_3

full-31849-53341-13_4 full-31849-53342-13_5