Month: July 2013

Google Chromecast Review

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On Wednesday Google announced the Chromecast $35 media streamer. I absolutely love my ROKU’s but I’m a sucker for gadgets so had to pick one up. At $35 it was such an impulse buy. I didn’t think it would get here so fast but Amazon had it to my house yesterday so I quickly unpacked it and gave it a test. Here are a few pictures of the packaging and what comes inside the box:

 imag0291 imag0293 imag0296

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FlightMap Version 1.9 Released to the Play Store

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Screenshot_2013-07-25-22-31-07 Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-36-13The latest version is now released and should be rolling out to full version users over the next 24 to 28 hours. I’ll be updating the trial version sometime in the next week or so. FlightMap 1.9 does require FlightConnect be updated to the latest version and users will be notified on upgrade of FlightMap of this fact. I believe this is a great update to the app and full FSX and P3D flight plan support has been requested quite often and I’m extremely happy to be able to update the app with it.

Now that 1.9 is released I have ordered a Nexus 7 so hopefully I will have that in my hands this coming week. Version 2.0 will be the 7 inch tablet version.

FlightConnect Version 1.9 Released

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I have just released the latest version of FlightConnect. This version includes performance improvements as well as some new notification options for the FSX version. It also includes support for the next version of FlightMap. The main new feature is the ability to automatically load flight plans from FSX and Prepar3D and provide them via an API to FlightMap.


FlightMap version 1.9 Released to beta testers

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Tonight I’m sending out the beta of 1.9. Here are the main features:
  1. 4×3 aspect ratio tablet support (HP TouchPads and the like)
  2. Full FSX and P3D Flight Plan support. NOTE: FlightConnect must be running when the flight plan is open for it to find the flight plan
  3. Added CTS back into the display. Now that the full flight plan is visible it makes sense to have it.
  4. Added ETE to the adhoc flight plan waypoints.

FlightMap Update

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I’m working hard to get the next FlightMap update out to my beta testers. I’m nearly done with the full GPS flight plan feature. I’ve also updated the application to work with 4×3 aspect ratio tablets like the HP TouchPad. Hopefully the beta will be out to my testers within the week and if all goes well released to the market next week.

Screenshot_2013-07-13-16-28-38 Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-43-23 Screenshot_2013-07-13-15-36-13

Latest SimPit Update – Finally finished painting it :)

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Here is the latest update on my SimPit. FlightMap works really well aesthetically with it which was always the goal.


I’ve got it setup now so that it’s really easy to swap in and out the flight stick for the flight yoke. I can even do it while I’m flying.