Month: May 2013

FlightMap Version 1.7 Feature Video

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I’ve just completed a feature demonstration video of the latest version of FlightMap. The video is about 9 minutes long and shows how to use each feature of the application and what each button does. I do hope to complete the documentation soon but until then this video is the best documentation there is.

FlightConnect Installation and Usage video released

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I was in the process of building a bunch of documentation for FlightConnect when I realized a quick video would say everything I wanted much faster. I’ve created the video and it’s now available here. In less than 2 minutes you’ll learn everything there is to know about FlightConnect 🙂

FlightMap 1.7.2 Released to the Play Store

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Good Evening,

I’ve just released the latest version of FlightMap to the Play Store. At the same time I also updated the trial version.

The main focus for this version was performance optimizations but I have added in a few new features as well. I’ve added the GPS waypoint ID to the display while taking away the course to steer. The waypoint ID was a frequent request. I’ve also added a few new follow aircraft to round out the jet population and improved the compass rose display so it is more visible on each of the map types. I’ve also added seconds to the ETE display

Screenshot_2013-05-11-14-00-55 Screenshot_2013-05-15-22-44-22 Screenshot_2013-05-11-13-25-52

FlightConnect 1.7 Released

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I’ve just released an update to FlightConnect that fixes an issue with international characters. If you are having a problem where FlightMap connects and you get to the map but nothing ever updates then this version will fix that. This version also includes a change for the next version of FlightMap and some performance enhancements.

FlightMap and FlightConnect Versions 1.7 Released to Beta Testers

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FlightConnect 1.7.0 Changes:
  1. Added active waypoint name to param list
  2. Added detected server ip address to icon hover info display
  3. Fixed some internationalization issues with number formats when machine is set to use , instead of . for double values
FlightMap 1.7 Changes:
  1. I’ve completely rewritten the networking code. This is a huge change. I did this to improve performance as well as make updating the code easier. I’ve moved a lot of the calculations that were being done on the UI thread into the networking thread. I’ve also optimized the heck out of all of the code. 
  2. Added active waypoint name to the display for gps waypoints. I’ve moved some things around and got rid of the course to steer from the display. I think it follows most GPS’s now.
  3. I’ve added alert dialog boxes that provide more information now when FlightMap is unable to connect to FlightConnect.
  4. I’ve really tried to get the compass rose to be visible on all of the display types. I’ve doubled the contrast on the non-satellite views and I’ve gone with a different colored compass rose for the satellite views. I think this really helps but please let me know what you all think!!!
  5. Added 2 more commercial jets and a cessna 208 to the follow me plane selection


FlightMap Version 1.6 Released to the Play Store

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New features in version 1.6:

  1. Added TRK feature to NAV and GPS modes. This toggles the map display to north up or heading up.
  2. Updated flight plan display in NAV and PLN modes. Active waypoint will be in blue and inactive waypoinys in gray
  3. Added automatic switch to next waypoint in NAV mode when within 1 NM of the waypoint
  4. Added distance to waypoint display to NAV mode
  5. Updated GA Airspeed Indicator to be calibrated in 20 knot increments instead of 25. 
  6. Updated Airspeed Indicator and Altitude indicator graphics
  7. Added next waypoint display info including ETE, Distance, Altitude, CTS, and DTK to GPS mode

This version requires an update to version 1.6 of FlightConnect. If you do not have the latest version you will be prompted to upgrade when you go to connect.

Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-48-14 Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-49-35 Screenshot_2013-04-25-00-28-27 Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-47-15 Screenshot_2013-05-03-10-45-52