Month: July 2012

Flight Simulator SimPit Update #1

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I’ve now painted the pit and I think it looks really good. I’ve tested the ability to take it down like the wife asked and it comes apart in less than 15 minutes and is only a few parts so yay me 🙂

I have also made a few modifications. I’ve bought a Saitek flight stick and throttle for jet sims and needed to have the ability to convert from GA to flight stick. Ended up coming up with this option. It works really well but I have the huge gap where the flight yoke goes that I need to fill somehow. Still trying to figure that out.

full-31849-38772-p1000712_small full-31849-38773-p1000713_small

full-31849-38774-p1000714_small full-31849-38775-p1000715_small

full-31849-38776-p1000716_small full-31849-38777-p1000717_small

I did have to move the cup holder though 😦 Not as nice a location…