Month: November 2013

FlightGauge Update

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I’ve been making some good progress towards release of this software. The main work lately has been refining the graphics to make them sharper on higher res screens. I’ve continue to work on the 10 inch screen layout and hope to have that version off to beta testers by next week.

I’ve added some new graphics for a few of the indicators. The direction indicator has a new visual option seen in the screenshot above. I’ve also cleaned up the altitude and vertical speed indicators. I was not happy with how blurry they were. I’ve been playing around with a dynamic caution overlay on the airspeed indicator. I think it looks pretty nice and works well with the various speeds. All of the gauge work will be usable in FlightMap as well so it will get the benefit of the updated gauges.

I’ve made a change to the way FlightMap gets rotation data which has really smoothed out the map rotation when not in track mode. It’s really smooth now. The next release of FlightMap will be all about refinement of what is currently there while I overhaul FlightConnect to prepare for the next big wave of features.

I’m interested to know what features you are interested in

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As I begin planning for the next few releases of FlightMap I’m interested to see what my users would like focused on. I’ve added a poll below with the most requested features that I’ve seen on forums and emails to me. If there is something you really want that is not in the list please feel free to write it in. Most of these features are significant work so this will help me prioritize my development.